Transitional Goal Achievers (TGA)

As a leader, you recognize the importance of achieving potential in yourself and your staff. Not only are organizations being asked to do more with less or same resources, they’re being asked to do it better!

Accordingly, it is now more important than ever to re-focus your energy on “what works” within your organization.


 John Eggers, Ph.D., Founder and President of Transitional Goal Achievers (TGA) Inc., offers upfront consulting to assess what your specific needs are. TGA then provides technical assistance (TA) or specific programs to meet your needs. TGA expertise exists in the following areas:

                                                                                                       John T. Eggers, Ph.D.

                                                                                                       John T. Eggers, Ph.D.

.      Goal-setting protocols

·      Mid-level manager development programs

·      Senior-level leader development programs

·      Dialogue training to improve communication inside your team

·      Full Range Leader Development (Train the Trainer) program

.       Psychological capital training programs to include (Train the Trainer)

·      Quality Awareness Training

·      Quality Teams, Tools, & Techniques Training

·      Quality Meeting Facilitation Course (Train the Trainer)

.       Strategic planning

·      Telephone Coaching focused on Leader Development

As an experienced trainer/educator in the topics listed above, Dr. Eggers will lead you through training, education, and development modules necessary to achieve your desired potential and outcomes. His focus is on helping others develop their leadership potential.


Ph.D in leadership - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2001

MA degree in Adult Education - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1989

B.S. degree in Social Science and Political Science - Wayne State College, 1978



The Time For Productive Outcomes Is Now! 


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